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Would you like to see the War Memorial from your local area, represented on this website.  Please forward us a photograph so that the service of these men and women is not forgotten.

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Gage Park Memorial, Topeka, Kansas

The War Memorial in the main park of Topeka, capital city of the state of Kansas,
covers several conflicts, and commemorates all the branches of the US military.
The white concrete WWI Victory Memorial, topped with a nesting eagle sculpture
and plaque, commemorates local county doughboys killed in that terrible conflict.
Several other granite memorials in the group represent the Military Order of World
Wars organization and its commemoration of casualties from World War Two, Korea,
Vietnam and more recent operations in the Middle East. “Homage”, in the middle,
is a nearly 8-foot-tall image of a soldier looking down on a fallen soldier battle cross
— a symbolic cross made on the battlefield for a soldier who has been killed.
The cross is made of the soldier’s rifle, with bayonet stuck in the ground, and his
helmet placed on top.  Medals Gone Missing would like to thank Military Historian Dave Murray from Kansas for sending this image through.

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