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War Memorials and Honour Rolls in the State of New South Wales, Australia.

Would you like to see the War Memorial from your local area, represented on this website.  Please forward us a photograph so that the service of these men and women is not forgotten.

Hillgrove War Memorial Park

The Hillgrove War Memorial Park entrance.  The goldmining town of Hillgrove in New South Wales was established in 1884.  Situated approximately 30 kilometres east of Armidale on the Northern Tablelands; a mine in this area which extracted tungston ore turned a large profit during World War 2 when tungsten's steel-strengthening capacity was in great demand.  Hillgrove has just a small population (approximately 96 people in 2010) but still manages to hold an Anzac Service each April, to commemorate the sacrifice of its citizens during all conflicts.



Jindabyne Kokoda Memorial

The Kokoda Memorial at Jindabyne (east) which is dedicated to the 3rd Militia Battalion, on the Kokoda Track. This memorial was erected to commemorate the men of this battalion who were called up and sent to fight in the Owen Stanleys and Beach Heads at Gona. The 3rd Militia Battalion was the longest serving Battalion in the Kokoda campaign - and they meet here every year to pay their respects to their fallen comrades.

Wish to read more about the Jindabyne Kokoda Memorial and the service held there in 2009? Please Click Here

Jindabyne Kokoda Memorial Monument

The Memorial Monument at Jindabyne to the 3rd Militia Battalion, AMF (Australian Military Forces). Dubbed as 'Chocos' by the men of the AIF, this particular Militia Battalion was often one of the lead battalions during the Australian fight forward. Commencing their march across the Kokoda Track on the 5th of September, 1942 - they were not relieved until the 4th December at Gona. They experienced very harsh fighting at Eora Creek (now referred to by modern trekkers as Templeton's Crossing 2) and it was here at Sergeant Bede TONGS was awarded the Military Medal. Bede has survived to be a staunch spokesperson for the 3rd Militia Battalion and his name is on the memorial, having made it's dedication. Note the bronze Slouch Hat which adorns the top of the memorial stone.

Jindabyne - 3rd Militia Battalion Banner

The "brown over green" of the 3rd Militia Battalion colour patch, fashioned into a Standard indicating their respective Battle Honours. Their honours include Moresby, Ioribaiwa, Templeton's Crossing, Oivi, Kumusi and Gona.

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